The Ice Cream Tour of Las Vegas You Need to Take!

Before you move to a new area, one of the first things you do is figure out where everything is. Schools. Shopping centers. Medical centers. In our research, the same goes for ice cream shops.

What, you didn’t map out where all the local ice cream emporiums were before you got here? Relax. We have our priorities sorted – and your ice cream in hand. (So to speak.)

Here are some local spots that are located off The Strip and close to your new, American West community!

Sweet Addiction

Made to order ice cream sandwiches. Fresh-baked cookies and Thrifty brand ice cream. They also have sundaes, milkshakes and ice cream cakes. Sweet, indeed.

Sticks and Shakes

No matter what you want, this is the place. Italian-style gelato and sorbet. Frozen bananas and hot donuts. Soft-serve ice cream and churro bites. Milkshakes and cheesecakes.

Neilsen’s Frozen Custard

Freshly made frozen custard in a retro-style shop will take you back in time. This smooth and creamy confection garners rave reviews – and has less fat! Need we say more?

Purple Penguin SnowCone Shack

Snow in Las Vegas? Definitely! Made to order snowcones in any flavor! Limited edition flavors. Mix-and-match. Sugar-free. All natural with real fruit. Even sour flavors, upon request.

Rolled Ice Cream

Have you experienced rolled ice cream? This is a must-try! Hand-rolled right before your eyes, in a crazy array of flavors and mix-ins. You might never scoop ice cream again!

The cherry on top of all of these ice cream locations? You don’t have to travel far from your new American West home to find the ice cream that your family is craving! So take the tour, chill out, and let us know which ice cream parlor is your new favorite!