The Benefits of Owning an American West Home

From the sense of security to the lasting financial advantages, there are many upsides to purchasing and owning your very own home. While this major decision takes a lot of thought and planning, American West Homes is here to help you along your journey.

With a home that provides unmatched value Las Vegas’ most sought-after neighborhoods, the advantages of owning vs renting have never been more clear. With us, you get to enjoy impeccable quality, innovative designs and options, and complete comfort in a community that loves you and your family back.

Here are a few reasons to consider buying an American West home instead of renting, or buying a used home:

  1. A better home. In today’s market, it’s more difficult than ever to find a quality rental. An American West home, on the other hand, ensures that you receive the highest quality home in the best location. Each of our beautiful homes is expertly crafted and affordably priced. 
  1. New is all you. In a used home, whether you’re renting or buying, you have a very limited ability to personalize your space. But as the owner of a new American West home, you get to have a say in the look and feel of your home, from choosing your home site and floor plan to selecting your exterior style and colors.
  1. No landlord. When you rent, your monthly payments only benefit your landlord, whereas mortgage payments made by you build equity for you. Not to mention, you’re always at the mercy of a landlord when you rent, while owning puts far more power into your hands.
  1. Financial predictability. Let’s face it — renting is unstable. Rates can (and will) increase, oftentimes based on the whims of a landlord. With a fixed-rate mortgage, your payments are fixed for the life of the loan, which is far more manageable than rental market fluctuations.
  1. Tax benefits and savings. When you own a home, part of your mortgage payment goes toward the principal repayment, helping you to build equity. Best of all, you’ll continue to enjoy tax deductions on interest payments and property taxes.

When all is said and done, the true cost of renting doesn’t match up to the benefits of owning a home. Make 2019 the year you turn your rent payment into a down payment on an American West home!