Outdoor Adventures and Hiking in Las Vegas

There’s nothing like the feeling of cool wind mixed with early spring sunshine as you experience the great outdoors of Las Vegas. Whether you love to hike, get on the water, or trek to take the best Instagram, there’s so many opportunities to get active outside! As spring approaches, take a look at a few of our favorite ways to get some exercise, unwind, and see the most beautiful spots around your American West home:

Fire Wave Trail: Located in Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, the Valley of Fire State Park, this trail is beloved for many reasons. Perfect for all skill levels and ages, Fire Wave Trail offers some of the most scenic, peaceful views around, including large stretches of red, white, and pink sandstone against the sky.

Spring Mountains National Recreation Area: Relive your best memories of childhood (and create new ones with your kids) in one of the best places for camping around. Spring Mountains National Recreation area is an outdoor hub of activity with several campgrounds, trails, and picnic areas. Whether you want to experience a fun day of natural beauty or spend a night under the stars in a tent, this spot is waiting with open arms.

Lake Mead: Truly magnificent in every sense, Lake Mead has to be at the top of your outdoor adventure bucket list. This one-of-a-kind national recreation area is filled with activities, from fishing to boating, as well as stunning geography, including beaches, caves, coves, hot springs, wilderness, and so much more. Experience nature like never before and fall in love with a new outdoor activity!

Mary Jane Falls: If you love exercise and spectacular views, Mary Jane Falls is the perfect trail for you. Optimal for hiking beginning in March, this trail in Mt. Charleston Wilderness offers breathtaking forest and mountain views that you’ll never forget. Stop for a minute to take in the beauty that surrounds you as you trek with your friends, friends, or even your dog! Although there are a few challenges, this trail is great for everyone.

Black Canyon: For the adventurous at heart (and lovers of all things water and nature), Blazin’ Paddles offers incredible, once-in-a-lifetime kayak tours of the stunning Black Canyon. Choose from full-day, half-day, or full moon twilight paddle tours to experience the beauty of Vegas like never before. On your tours, you’ll come across incredible wildlife, the Colorado River, spectacular cliff views, and so much more.

Raintree Trail: You’ve probably heard about the 3,000-year-old Bristlecone pine tree in Toiyable National Forest, but have you ever seen it in person? Experience a true Vegas treasure on one of the most memorable hikes you’ll ever take. Although this trail is steep and more suited to seasoned hikers, conquering the Raintree Trail is worth it for the awe-inspiring look and feel of these special trees. This is an adventure unlike any other…

As you welcome the fresh scents and beauty of springtime into your home, make sure you get outside to experience the new season in full force. All of us at American West Homes cannot wait to hear about your springtime adventures!